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Digital Marketing

How Digital Marketing Projects support Skill Development Projects/An initiative to start a new business as Business Associate:

    Looking at the current scenario, All businesses & earning options are on hold and people are looking for the business opportunities or jobs where they can earn a handsome amount for the betterment of their livelihood.

    CBP is having multiple affiliated marketing/digital marketing projects for rural or urban candidates at PAN India level.

Benefits to Rural candidates who will join this work :

  1. Candidates will get jobs in their domicile districts
  2. Candidates can work from home
  3. Candidates Will learn new concept of sales & marketing
  4. Earn as per your efforts & hard work
  5. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Payouts
  6. Highly Successful Career

Earnings/ Revenue:

    Salary of Individuals: 15,000-75,000 Rs with easily achievable targets with predefined strategy and orientation by experts.

    Revenue of Business Associate: 2-8 Lacs Monthly.

Benefits to TP/PIAs:

  1. Placements are possible during these days & can uplift placement percentage up to 45-50 %
  2. Support to PIAs for second & third instalments as an employer at the time of desk verification & physical verification
  3. Provide bank statements facility for the working candidates under Digital Marketing projects
  4. DM projects are applicable at PAN India Level means for all skilling projects
  5. Bank Account opening service along with confirmation of bank statements
  6. Freedom from cross domain placement tension
  7. Supportive in all verification also & endorsement letter to PIA
  8. Freedom from Heavy Paper Burden
  9. Helpful in reducing additional cost in placement cum documentation
  10. PIA/TP will also earn or book a fair revenue to manage their running expenses during these idle days

Training & Orientation of Business:

    An Orientation Program and training session for two days will be scheduled for the better understanding & execution, based on the applications to be interested for this campaign.

    Refer to this, we will provide orientation and training into two parts:

  • Training of PIAs/TPs/Vendors: Who will monitor the reporting of their placements or Digital Marketing Business. Here we will discuss about the business strategy and payouts for all banking products.
  • Training of Candidates/Ground Team of PIAs/TPs/Vendors: Briefing of their targets, salaries, strategy of execution of business by technical team

CBP will provide technical support services for the raised queries by business associates.

OUR PREMIUM CLIENTS: Banking & Financial Project Clients (Running)

Business Association Algorithm : Steps

  • Signing of Letter of Intent/ MOU for Digital Marketing Projects
  • Understanding of organization requirements (Business Association /Placement Model or both)
  • Signing of service agreement
  • Team Selection & Team Leader Finalization
  • Appointment or Placement at a particular location
  • Orientation & Training of Digital Marketing Projects
  • Functional & administrative reporting to Business Associate
  • Target record maintenance & conversions submission to CBP
  • Salary Processing based on performance & conversions by CBP or PIA
  • Sharing Offer, Appointment, Salary Slips & Bank Statements (Monthly)based on association model
  • Raising Invoice to CBP &Payment release by CBP to PIA or Business Associate post getting documents


  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Punjab
  • Haryana
  • Rajasthan
  • Manipur
  • West Bengal
  • Jammu
  • Maharashtra
  • Andhra Pradesh
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