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Civil Engineering

Training Programme for civil engineering students will specifically focus on site based learning which are not covered in usual 4 years academic course. Civil engineering students after going through this training will have following advantages-:

They will be able to interact with the placement companies in a significantly better way in terms of their role in the organization.

Training Programme for civil engineering students has been made in such a way that after doing this course students will be very clear in their mind in terms of which sub field suits them the best so that they can focus on the same for getting right job or for pursuing higher education in that sub field.

Three sub fields of civil engineering on which our programme is based:

  • Site Execution
  • Designing
  • QS & Contracts

Site Execution

Site Execution will cover following aspects:

  • Current Scenario of site execution.
  • Role & Responsibilities of a new recruit at a construction site
  • Working environment under which he/ she may have to work.
  • Likely Career growth of the an individual in the field of site execution.
  • Site execution learning which are not the part of 4 year course.
  • Practical project Management in site execution.
  • How to escalate a issue or problem as site in appropriate hierarchical manner.
  • How to communicate with seniors, senior management so as to get fairly judged during appraisal.
  • How to tackle malpractices in site execution.

Structural Designing

Structural designing will cover following aspects:

  • Current scenario of structural designing in India and abroad.
  • How to co-ordinate with architect and client for structural designing.
  • Introduction to Indian standard codes for designing.
  • Likely Career growth of the an individual in the field of structural designing.
  • Applicability of building bye laws in structural designing.
  • How to alter design in case of faulty workmanship at execution site.
  • How to check structural design at construction site.
  • Approach during checking of structural design of an existing structure.

QS & Contracts

Quantity surveying and contracts will cover following aspects:

  • Current scenario of quantity surveying and contacts.
  • Introduction to FIDIC.
  • How to prepare BoQs for construction projects.
  • System of tendering for construction projects.
  • Rough cost budgeting and estimation.
  • Mode of measurements.
  • Approach during drafting of contractual documents.
  • Latest estimation and billing techniques for construction projects.
  • System and concept of site billing.
  • Likely career growth of an individual in the field of QS & Contacts.
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