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Project Management Services

Since 2011, sharing knowledge & experience in the field of education & Skill Development Arena, providing skill knowledge consultancy for proposal submissions, implementing projects since their inception to project closures, providing high impact teaching & learning skills, doing demand oriented mobilization for various skill development providing consultancy for MPR, MVR, SMART India Portal, SMART, SDMS, ASDMS, Skill Attendance portal, AEBAS, state portals/ ERPs, ruralskills MRIGS, ERP, providing placements to various kind of training partners or providers to meet their industrial requirements etc.

  1. Pre-Sales/ Proposals & Tendering
  2. Operations Handling & Implementation
  3. Finance Management
  4. Assistance for documentation
  5. Qualitative Monitoring

Pre-Sales/ Proposals & Tendering :

  • Understanding of Skill Eco System
  • Comparison of various Schemes before applying proposals
  • Understanding of Skill Gap Analysis into various states
  • Identification of trades based on the interest of youth into various states
  • Eligibility criteria to become a part of Skill Development Programs
  • Identification of category of an organisation based on his experience & financials
  • Timely updating on new RFPs/EoIs to training providers
  • Merits & demerits of a project based on operations, financials
  • Empanelment of an organisation under PMKK, DDUGKY, CSR, PMKVY, CSSM.
  • Proposal submission at central & state level for various schemes
  • Understanding allotted targets, sanctioned order & project execution timelines

Operations Handling & Implementation :

  • Support to hire skilled manpower recruitment for project operations
  • Support to mobilize candidates
  • Support to handle assessment & certification
  • Support to link with potential employers
  • Support to apply installments & successful physical verification strategies
  • Support for project closures
  • Understanding of various stakeholders of skilling and their functioning like role of NSDC/MORD/SSCs/TPs/ Abs/CTSA/TSA/Online platforms
  • Assistance for infrastructure setup
  • Assistance for due diligence of training centre
  • Assistance for hiring of project team& understanding of project hierarchy
  • Assistance to adhere branding guidelines for various schemes
  • Assistance to find out various vendors required for project execution like security services, food vendors, biometric vendors, books & infra vendors
  • Developing project planning strategies & helping into their implementation
  • Assistance for internal quality monitoring before external audits/ CTSA visits
  • Implementation of strong mobilization strategy, qualitative training & placement support

Finance Management :

  • Understanding or training of online portals for financials like PFMS, PMKVY financial support.
  • Utilization of grant allotted to an organization
  • Accounting support w r to allotted project budget
  • Providing knowledge of project parameters
  • Documentation of legal & finance
  • Documentation for the release of first, second, third & fourth installments
  • Disbursement of project funds
  • Preparation of Annual Audit reports

Assistance for documentation :

  • Complete project based on ground activities
  • Dossier file management
  • Database management for training assessment & placement
  • Online data management (SDMS. MRIGS, SMART)
  • Submission of CAAF
  • Offline data management
  • Making project closer reports

Qualitative Monitoring :

  • Understanding of compliance reports, non-compliances reports
  • Understanding of penalty clauses
  • Non adherence to SOP and guidelines
  • Assistance into desk verification, verification of placement documents
  • Escalation structure of government bodies and their officials
  • Resolving queries/providing solutions, suggestions related to every aspect of a project
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